Southbound (restaurant in Historic Chamblee)


Southbound is a fairly new restaurant in Historic Chamblee. (It is very new) I should give it a couple tries but it was such a positive visit on my first time. It has a super high energy, great vibe when you walk in. Very welcoming and comfortable! People are pleasant and extremely cheerful, without being phony.

The interior is way cool, very homey. Lot’s of brick, cool light fixtures, great bar! Warmth everywhere. Southbound #2Look at those cool light fixtures.

My waitress was awesome, I felt like I had known her forever. Her description of the food was wonderful. That is what led me to order the shrimp and grits. The best shrimp and grits I have ever had was in Charleston, until today. These were different than the Charleston grits, but they were great! The shrimp was cooked perfectly. The grits were creamy and smooth with these wonderful roasted tomatoes and some roasted garlic and onions. (my mouth is watering right now) I have a photo! Image

Oh and crispy smoked pork belly, yes! It was delicious! I will be back and I will let you know what was great after that visit.

Super H Mart

Image First things first, you can take photos at Super H Mart! Oh and everything is “super”! The fruit and veggies and beautiful and really reasonable. Then the meat, honestly it was such a nice meat department, but, what I came for was the seafood.ImageBut more specifically, the salmon. IMG_1926This man was cracking me up. He was so accommodating! After seafood, I went to canned goods, they have my favorite refried beans.  IMG_1933 After you checkout they have a food court of sorts.   Let me know what you think!

The General Muir

The General Muir

I went to visit a friend at Emory Hospital today and her brother reminded me about Emory Point.
So, then I had Reuben on the mind. So, off to the General Muir. Waiter was excellent! Loved him. The Reuben is very good. The fries are great! The Coke hecho en Mexico was excellent.
This place is yummy! I have only had very good meals here. Get on over there!
The cheesecake will blow your mind! (and I don’t like cheesecake).

Stone Mountain

ImageStone Mountain is a great place for a Staycationing Family.  There is SkyHike, you can trek through the tree tops and they have zip lines. You can take the SkyRide to to top or you can hike to the top. (I decided to hike, it is not easy,but, it is an accomplishment. I mean, you ARE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN!)Image

This is from the top. That is downtown Atlanta in the background ImageThank goodness when you get to the top there is a great breeze. I met the nicest gentleman who took this photo of me and helped to teach me how to get back down.

There are trails that you can hike around the mountain also. There is also a train you can ride to go around the mountain.Image

After your day in the park they have the worlds largest laser light show with a fireworks finale!

Atlanta Movie Tours, The Margaret Mitchell Tour

ImageAtlanta Movie Tours have a few different tours available. A Walking Dead Tour, What’s Filming in Atlanta, Gone with the Wind Tour. My neighbor, Melissa and I were lucky enough to to on the Gone with the Wind Tour. Our tour guide was Margaret Mitchell herself! ImageIsn’t she cute? She was witty, clever and wise, pretty cool for being dead for so long. She showed us her home, you know the Margaret Mitchell house in Midtown. Well, it was an apartment in the house. It was really cute. Here’s the kitchen.ImageMy kitchen is small, but can you even imagine it? The tour takes you to The Margaret Mitchell House, Oakland Cemetery, and The Downtown Library.

ImageThis is her headstone. I really think the tour was great and I hope to go on another one. It is amazing all of the little facts about our great city that you can learn. It was truly amazing.